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A speakeasy style lounge and event space. We offer an extensive cocktail menu featuring classic and modern craft cocktails in our historic gambling hall space that dates back to 1911.

If these walls could talk (and they do), they’d tell the story of the movers, shakers and hell raisers that defined our Stockyards culture that still lives on today. Add to that legacy and create stories of your own. Big things are happening at Niles City Hall.

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The History

Niles City, home of the Fort Worth Stockyards, was incorporated in February 1911. The town was called “the richest little city in the state of Texas” due to the big business within its boundaries, the Swift and Armour packing companies being the largest.

A little over one-half square mile, Niles City had a population of 508 inhabitants. It was governed by a mayor, a city marshall, and five aldermen. Its first election was held on April 4, 1911. Six railway companies operated lines through Niles City, including The Belt Railway which owned and operated a roundhouse in Niles City. The Northside Coliseum, now known as Cowtown Coliseum, was the site of the Fat Stock Show, the first indoor rodeo and the first indoor horse show in the state.

Many famous personalities performed in the coliseum while it was located in Niles City, including Enrico Caruso, who sang before a crowd of about 8,000 in 1920. The town attracted a number of home builders because of the many utilities and conveniences that it offered, but only a few private homes were located within the town, since most of the property was owned by private corporations, from which most residents rented living quarters.

Niles City became a part of Fort Worth on August 1, 1923, and the tradition of culture of cowboys lives on to this day.